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Dr. P. Mester

Single Doctor

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Meet Doctor Peter Mester, an MD general practitioner specialising in internal medicine. Being a doctor is one of his passions. Outside work, he enjoys a range of active hobbies such as high-intensity training, running, swimming, cycling and he participates in triathlon competitions.


Dr P. Mester takes part in mandatory annual appraisals and revalidation, a process for doctors which runs over a five-year cycle to confirm to the General Medical Council that they are fit to practise. This guarantees that his European medical licence to practise medicine is updated and valid. Dr Mester has also completed the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) and has a licence to practise medicine in the US (registration no. 0-472-939-8). In addition, he has taken several courses organised by the University of Washington Center for AIDS and the European AIDS Society.


As a specialist in internal medicine, Dr Mester treats a wide range of patients with varying conditions, from mild gastroenteric infection to complex or serious medical problems.


Throughout his professional career, his interest has shifted towards cancer cachexia, malnutrition, sarcopenia wasting disorders, and AIDS.


Dr P. Mester’s response to the question: ‘Why do you work with Dokteronline?’

My job at Dokteronline provides new professional challenges for me due to the simple fact that I must rely on my medical knowledge more than ever as there is no physical encounter with patients.

I appreciate the transparency, the super safe structure of Dokteronline, and the fact that online healthcare allows me to work efficiently and effectively. Working with comprehensive interactive medical questionnaires and regular feedback loops make it possible for me to provide patients who need it most with the best professional medical service.


The role of TGF B in liver tumour formation – Prof. Zs Schaff, Gábor Lotz (P. Mester archive).