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For Women

For Women

Women’s healthcare needs are very different from men’s. Women often need to address reoccurring health problems men never have to deal with. For example, women have to see the doctor, like it or not, for the contraceptive pill. Did you know you can order your medications online and skip a doctor’s visit? All you have to do is set up an online doctor’s consultation and, if approved, you will receive your medication within 2 days. It’s as easy as that!

Contraceptive pill
The birth control pill is one of the most commonly used contraceptive pills. You can obtain a prescription simply via our online doctor’s consultation. Using the pill prevents an unwanted pregnancy and regulates or reduces most menstrual symptoms. Ask our doctor to find out what prescription is right for you.

Morning after pill
It is not unusual for a woman to forget to take her birth control pill or accidently have unprotected sex from a spontaneous encounter. The morning after pill gives women a choice and reduces their chance of getting pregnant. No need to feel guilty, or have anxiety over what to do. Just keep the morning after pill in your medicine cabinet in case you forget to take your regular medications.

Bladder infection
Due to the short urethra of women, there is a solid chance that they may suffer from a bladder infection once in a while. Fortunately, a bladder infection can quickly and easily be treated with the right medication.